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Registration for the upcoming school year - September through May - begins in late February. Priority is given to continuing students, siblings of past students, church members and new students based on when they went on our waiting list.

Registration continues throughout the school year as openings are available. A yearly registration fee of $100.00 is required. $25 of this is refundable is written notice of intent to withdraw is given by July 1st.

Please follow the procedures listed below if you are interested in enrolling your child in UCUC Preschool:

1. Please Click on CONTACT US to schedule a tour.

2. After completing your tour, if you are still interested in our preschool, please complete a Waiting List form and return it to the preschool with a $20.00 waiting list fee. Priority will be based upon when you go on the waiting list, so please return the form ASAP.

3. You will receive an e-mail or phone call from the Assistant Director to inform you that a place is available or that we are beginning registration for the upcoming school year. If still interested, please complete the Registration Form and return it with the $100.00 registration fee. A confirmation letter will be sent to you giving you information on what you must do next to complete the enrollment process.

4. An Enrollment Packet will be sent to you and must be completed in full as well as bringing your child’s immunization record in for us to see before your child can begin attending UCUC Preschool.

5. Below you may view and download any of the forms we require for enrollment, but we advise that you only do so if instructed to do so by the Administration Assistant or the Director. Registration forms will not be accepted if you are not on our waiting list or a sibling of a past student.

Enrollment Packet for Returning Students (pdf download):
Returning Student Enrollment Packet Download
     ID & Emergency
     Photo Release

Enrollment Packet for New Students (pdf download):
Enrollment Packet Download
     Parents Rights
     Personal Rights
     ID & Emergency
     Health History
     Physician's Report
     Medical Consent
     Blood Lead Test
     Pest Management Notification
     Photo Release

Single Forms (pdf downloads):

     1. Registration Form 2019-20 click here
     2. Waiting List Form click here
     3. Registration Information Letter click here
     4. Physician’s Report click here
     5. Contract Form click here
     6. Pest Management Notification Form click here
     7. Photo Release Form click here


A 30-day written notice is required. There is a deposit of one months tuition due August 1st or when your child enters UCUC Preschool.

For further tuition information, please refer to our Family Handbook for complete UCUC Preschool policies and rules:
Family Handbook


Tuition is divided into 9 equal payments; therefore, tuition is the same each month regardless of the number of holidays observed. Due to our financial obligations, a partial refund will not be granted for vacations, illnesses or leaving in the middle of the month without prior notice.


Preschool Hours:
8 am to 2 pm
2, 3 or 5 days per week

Enrichment Program:
9 am to 12 noon

Monthly Rates: 2019-2020 School Year

Hours Time 2-Days 3-Days 5-Days
3 9am-12pm $242 $363 $580
4 8am-12pm $310 $460 $740
5 8am-1pm $375 $555 $900
6 8am-2pm $440 $650 $1,030

Hourly Extended Care Drop-In Rate: $10 (on days enrolled)
Drop-ins are on an hourly basis only and the $10/hour fee must be paid at the time the child stays. Checks or cash payments accepted.

Registration Fee: $100 (non refundable)
( A $25.00 credit will be given if written notice of intent to
withdraw is received by July 1st)

Late Payment Fee: $25
(For tuition payments received after the
5th of the month)

Late Pick-up Fee:
Every family is allowed two emergency late pick-ups.

After that, a late fee is assessed if a child is not picked up within 5 minutes of dismissal time. (The late fee is $1 for each minute for each child). Late pick-ups are recorded and billed accordingly.

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